E-commerce platforms work differently. We understand that.

That’s why our 3D Secure authentication software comes in various products to fit different needs, and work with all shopping carts.

3D Secure authentication for any cart, custom or not.


  • Choose between PAAY’s front facing checkout (hosted payment form), or use our backend solution, to add 3D secure authentication to your existing checkout flow (without changing your payment form).
  • Easy to use documents for all developers.
  • Clean, easy to implement code; no changes required.
  • Works with all processors.
  • Works with all gateways that support 3D Secure.
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Pre-built checkout plugins for major shopping carts.


  • A payment form that captures consumers’ payment information and runs transactions through 3D Secure.
  • No coding required.
  • Step by step, easy to set up, less than five minutes install instructions for anyone to use.
  • Existing integrations with most major gateways.
  • Compatible with all processing accounts.
  • Users agree that it can even be installed by your dog!
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