How do retailers thrive in a system that's traditionally rigged?

Webinar | May 26th | 1pm EST

Webinar Hosts

Yitz Mendlowitz, CEO @ PAAY

Adam Gluck, CTO @ PAAY

Businesses have been compelled to pivot towards a model that puts remote commerce first since global shelter-in-place orders began. But, how do you thrive in a system that’s traditionally been rigged against you? 


By 2021, losses due to fraud are expected to grow to 6.1 billion. Shockingly, the Aite group recently reported that merchants lose more money from false declines than they do from true fraud.

The payment ecosystem is set up to protect banks and cardholders from fraud...but for merchants, it’s a much bigger problem.


In this webinar, Yitz Mendlowitz, CEO of PAAY will share his POV on some of the key challenges businesses face when it comes to setting up a successful fraud prevention program and how to overcome them. 


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