PAAY’s software authenticates transactions via 3D Secure, a program rolled out by the card networks. When a transaction gets verified via the program, liability shifts to the card issuer in the case of fraud.


To authenticate a transaction, the 3D Secure program used to require the consumer to complete an additional step at checkout, increasing cart abandonment. This ranged from social security number to a designated password. However, this usually no longer the case. 3D Secure verification now occurs without taking the consumer through any extra step.




Authentication happens on the backend, running a transaction’s details against existing data that the card issuer has on file. Everything occurs “behind the scenes”, enabling an additional layer of fraud protection on e-commerce transactions.


Friendly fraud cannot be stopped by fraud prevention tools. To put it simply, since it’s not a truly fraudulent transaction, it cannot be detected as one. With PAAY, 3D Secure authentication shifts liability to the card issuers, for both friendly and criminal fraud.






Fraud prevention tools detect whether there’s a high possibility a transaction is fraudulent, and “flag” it. Declined transactions means lost revenue, and as if that isn’t enough, the detection is sometimes a false alarm. With PAAY, all transactions get accepted, and transactions that get authenticated, qualify for chargeback protection. Merchants can maximize revenue, without the risk of having costly chargebacks. This is the definition of best of both worlds.

I’m a merchant and I would like to know:

Which shopping carts does PAAY support?

PAAY’s products are designed to work with all shopping carts.

The easiest to use is our SDK, which is a backend solution that works with all PHP based websites. You can “drag and drop” our code at the backend of your payment form.  This will capture the transaction details that are entered in your current payment form, send them for 3D Secure authentication and attach the response to the transaction.

Alternatively, if your checkout form is written in any other language, please refer to our API docs for integration instructions. Once integration is done, the solution will work in the exact same way as our SDK.

How do I start using PAAY?

You can start using PAAY within a day! Sign up below and we will reach out shortly. To get you started, we just need your MID and processing information.

How do I add PAAY to my website?

The installation process varies, depending on the platform you are using. Once we know your shopping cart, we will send you the instructions needed.

How does PAAY protect from fraud and chargebacks?

PAAY prevents fraud and chargebacks because its software is integrated with Visa and MasterCard’s 3D Secure program. The software sits between the shopping cart and the gateway, and every transaction that runs through PAAY, is authenticated with a “digital signature”. This, in turn, protects merchants from any fraudulent chargebacks, shifting liability onto the bank issuers.

Which chargeback codes does PAAY protect from?

PAAY shifts liability to the card issuers on the following chargeback codes:

Visa Reason codes

75: Cardholder does not recognize transaction.

83: Fraud Transaction – Card Absent Environment.

MasterCard Reason codes

4837: No cardholder authorization.

4849: Questionable merchant activity.

4863: Cardholder does not recognize – potential fraud.

More questions?

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