rates, lowered.

Yes, we can

do that.


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rates, lowered.

Yes, we can

do that.


Want to learn more?



PAAY has integrated its software with Visa and MasterCard’s 3D-Secure program in a way that ISOs and merchants can benefit from the program’s advantages, without impacting cart abandonment. In effect, PAAY has turned an imperfect solution into the right answer.


Fraud protection on Visa reason codes 75 and 83 and MasterCard reason codes 4837, 4849 and 4863. When a user disputes a charge, liability falls to the card issuer, without impacting a merchant’s chargeback ratio.



Liability shift away from online merchants to card issuers for all fraudulent chargebacks, for transactions that qualify for 3D Secure protection. This happens through PAAY’s authentication software.


PAAY’s 3D Secure authentication software comes in different products, to work with all e-commerce merchants, regardless of shopping cart and gateway. See a list of our different products offerings here.



The majority of 3D Secure verified transactions qualify at a lower rate than they would, getting as close to card present as possible. Open up profit margins for your e-commerce portfolio and start a new race to the bottom.


Simple checkout for customers. PAAY’s authentication solution doesn’t disrupt the consumer checkout process. Verification happens on the backend, with no 3D Secure pop-up or additional friction. This has no impact on cart abandonment.

Fraud PROTECTION, not prevention.


Fraud prevention tools, at best, can only offer guesstimates as to whether a transaction is fraudulent. Once a fraudulent transaction is approved, the merchant takes the fall. On the contrary, PAAY’s software offers fraud protection. Even if a transaction is disputed, merchants don’t have to worry, as the cost is now on the card issuer.

Say goodbye to false declines.


Fraud tools analyze the transaction details and flag it when something looks “wrong”. However, declined transactions means lost revenue, and in many cases, lost revenue from transactions that were mistakenly flagged. PAAY accepts all transactions and offers protection in the case of fraud to authenticated ones, maximizing profit.

Say goodbye to friendly fraud.


Friendly fraud cannot be controlled by traditional fraud prevention techniques, because the user is not detected as a fraudster (he is not one, to start with!). 3D Secure authentication is the only real way merchants can safeguard their business from friendly fraud chargebacks, shifting liability to card issuers and alleviating them from the costs.

Merchant processing services; done better

PAAY’s technology is a win-win situation for both ISOs and merchants.

ISOs partner with PAAY to resell our technology to their online merchants.

Registered ISOs get access to PAAY’s dashboard, which includes a simple merchant boarding, a reseller portal and detailed analytics on 3D Secure authentication on transactions.

PAAY offers ISOs educational material for their sales agents, as well as an integrated package of sales tools, so that they can seamlessly resell the product to their merchants. For more information or to get access to the tools, sign up in the form below.

Questions? We have answers.

Does PAAY work with all processors?

Yes. PAAY’s solution works with all processors, as long as the processing platform has the fields to accept 3D Secure data. Please see a more detailed list here.

How do I start using PAAY?

You can start using PAAY straight away. Sign up below and we will get back to you within the next day. To get started, you just need to sign a contract and register your BINs with us. We need these so that we can pass the authentication details of transactions to each merchant’s acquiring bank. Once we set you up, you will receive an email with access to your PAAY dashboard. From there, you can board merchants, see detailed analytics on their transactions, as well as whether they qualified for 3D Secure or not.

Which of my merchants can use PAAY?

All and any of your e-commerce merchants, except merchants with the following MCC codes:

  • MCC 4829: Wire Transfer/Money Order.
  • MCC 5967: Direct Marketing-Inbound Teleservices.
  • MCC 6051: Non-Financial Institution-Foreign Currency, Money Order (not Wire Transfer), Travelers’ Cheques.
  • MCC 7995: Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting and Wagers at Race Tracks.

Since we understand that merchants’ shopping carts work differently, we have created products that support 3D Secure authentication for varied cases. Learn more about our products here.

How do my merchants start using PAAY?

Once we set you up, you will receive an email with access to your PAAY dashboard, and a reseller handbook with all the information you need on getting your merchants up and running.

You can board merchants in your PAAY dashboard. Whenever you board a merchant, an account manager from our team will reach out to help them get started.

Do all card brands offer 3D Secure authentication?

Currently PAAY’s solution only qualifies Visa and MasterCard transactions for 3D Secure authentication. However, we will be launching American Express and Discover soon.

How does 3D Secure authentication happen?

The current version of 3D Secure works with risk based authentication. This means that transactions get authenticated at the backend, using previous consumer data. When a transaction cannot get authenticated in this way, 3D Secure prompts for user verification (requiring an extra piece of information at checkout). However, PAAY’s software only sends transactions through 3D Secure when they can get authenticated using risk based authentication, so as not to impact cart abandonment. In effect, when a transaction requires consumer verification, PAAY’s software will not send the transaction for 3D Secure protection.

More questions?

To learn more about PAAY and how it works, read our merchants page and our FAQs. Alternatively, reach out to us at We’re always here to help!


Contact us for more information on how PAAY will revolutionize the way your merchants take payments.