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Does 3-D Secure affect authorization rates?

Everyone and their aunt Carole Baskin have been asking us...does 3-D Secure affect authorization rates? We know we have been keeping you in suspense, so we decided to finally spill the kibble.

According to a study conducted by Visa, merchants who put 3-D Secure on all their transactions saw anywhere from a 2% - 7% boost in approvals. So, let's say you have a 60% approval rate and 60 out of 100 transactions get approved, if you put 3-D secure on your checkout page you will likely see 62-67 out of 100 transactions get approved or authorized.

Why? The latest version of 3-D Secure (also known was 3DS 2.1) gives the issuing bank more context around each payment allowing them to make more accurate authorization decisions.

Thus, 3-D secure does improve authorization rates.

Now that we unraveled that mystery...Contact the PAAY team and let's chat about improving your authorization rates and our favorite house cats.


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