• Adam Gluck

From MasterCard to PAAY, a new chapter that allows me to lead with empathy and act with purpose

Updated: Apr 12

Adam Gluck, CTO/CPO at PAAY

COVID-19 is presenting new challenges for the payments industry, which is quickly adjusting to our new shared reality. A rapid response is important in times like these, but I believe careful consideration of how we respond is just as necessary for smooth business operations.

As one of the newest team members at PAAY, I look forward to bringing this care and consideration to my role. Earlier in my career, I felt the need to make my voice heard immediately after any new development. Now, I’m proud to lean in with a more thoughtful style, which I’ve developed over my 25-plus years as a team leader. With experience has come the realization that I have less to prove. These days, I prefer to sit back and listen to what others have to say, to absorb the details, and then to assess the situation.

Since 1995, I’ve developed my career by managing innovative teams changing the payments space. This included working for twenty years to build products at MasterCard. I’ve loved working in an industry throughout a time of expansive growth and digital change. After MasterCard, I was lucky to be part of a team of founders who built a startup company that was acquired by WeWork, which was at the time one of the darling unicorns of the startup world. This experience galvanized my feeling that startups were where I belonged, working as part of a dynamic young company. However, I missed the payments industry. My decades of experience managing credit card chip development, transit payments, and other agile innovations solidified my love for this ever-changing industry.

So, I am excited to contribute to this small, nimble team by bringing discipline and formalization of processes. In my dual role as CTO and CPO, I’ll work closely with the sales and tech teams to develop tech roadmaps that ensure we build products that customers want and need. This is a thrilling proposition to me.

It’s wonderful to be here and see PAAY announce EMV 3-D Secure, which solves fraud and card abandonment loss for merchants. And, it's equally pleasing to help our clients understand how our new offering benefits them and helps fix these issues when implemented.

I’m especially grateful to have joined PAAY at a time when we’re achieving unprecedented growth. In the past year, PAAY has more than doubled its transactions per day. I can’t emphasize enough the extent of my excitement to see this rapid movement. This is a result of PAAY’s uncompromising and thoughtful development of an impactful product in a time when such a product is desperately needed.

I was also very much drawn to PAAY’s incredible team. Under Yitz’s leadership, every voice is equally heard, and among team members, every accomplishment is just as shared. Being one of the “gray-haired” industry veterans at the startup, I want my teams to know that I aspire to never inspire the response of “Ok Boomer.” Instead I will be doing everything I can to mentor and elevate everyone with which I work.


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