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Is PAAY's EMV 3D Secure a good revenue stream?

Updated: Jan 28

We are headin' out West to Cali-Forn-I-A to visit our VP of Global Sales and Branding at his ranch in Temecula. He'll be telling us why PAAY's 3-D is a great revenue stream.

In all seriousness, our software solution allows ISO’s, processors, gateways, CRM’s and fraud prevention companies to quickly and easily offer merchants a frictionless version of EMV 3DS. Contact us to learn more about our reseller program and how you can develop a new revenue stream for your company by providing merchants EMV 3DS. Whether you’re looking at integrating PAAY directly into your CRM, or simply would like to provide PAAY to a few select merchants - EMV 3DS is an excellent ancillary service. ​

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