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PAAY's software solution allows ISO's, processors, gateways, CRM's and fraud prevention companies to quickly and easily offer merchants a frictionless version of EMV 3DS. Whether you're looking at integrating PAAY directly into your CRM, or if you simply would like to provide PAAY to a few select merchants - our customer success team will get you set up.

As a reseller, you'll receive access to our dashboard, support with integrations on a per merchant basis, and sales training.

PAAY EMV 3DS is unlike any other fraud prevention tool because it protects merchants from friendly fraud. Friendly fraud occurs when a legitimate cardholder makes a legitimate purchase and then afterwards he or she claims they did not make the purchase. This is impossible for fraud prevention algorithms to predict. Transactions authenticated through PAAY receive a liability shift off of the merchant and onto the issuing bank.

For merchants, integration options include a JavaScript SDK and a customizable API. We also offer a unique Browser-MOTO hybrid solution.

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