Designed for Merchants

PAAY's EMV 3DS is unlike any other fraud prevention tool because it protects merchants from friendly fraud. In concert with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover PAAY has built a simple, secure, and seamless EMV 3DS solution to protect eCommerce retailers from friendly fraud (also known as chargeback fraud) and increase authorization rates. Benefits of using PAAYs EMV 3DS solution include:

Increase authorizations


Chargeback liability shift - Off the merchant account, onto the issuing bank


No false declines - All transactions go through as normal

Subscription merchants are protected on the first transaction and first re-bill

100% Frictionless - Does not interrupt the customer experience at checkout

PSD2/SCA Compliance



For merchants, integration options include a JavaScript SDK and a customizable API.


We also offer a unique Browser-MOTO hybrid solution.

Partner Platform

PAAY's platform allows ISO's, processors, gateways, CRM's and fraud prevention companies to quickly and easily offer merchants a frictionless version of EMV 3DS. Whether you're looking at integrating PAAY directly into your CRM, or if you simply would like to provide PAAY to a few select merchants - our customer success team will get you set up.

As a reseller, you'll receive access to our dashboard, support with integrations on a per merchant basis, and sales training.