Safe, fast & incredibly simple mobile payments.


Pay online & offline with a single service that safeguards your credit card information. paayinfologo


Say goodbye to long checkouts! Input your pin number and you’re good to go.



Merchants can start using PAAY in as little as 20 minutes.


With PAAY, you never have to worry about lost or stolen credit cards.

PAAY uses what you have, your phone, and what you know, your pin, to provide an easy and secure way to make payments.

Lose your phone? With PAAY you can remote wipe your data, giving you that much needed peace of mind. 

Monitor and approve every transaction from your phone

Every PAAY transaction goes straight to your phone where you can verify and confirm or cancel the order. The only information the merchant sees is the transaction, not your credit card numbers.

PAAY quickly online at your favorite stores; online or off.

With PAAY you never have to go through the hassle of creating multiple accounts. Simply click PAAY, enter your phone number and approve the purchase from the app. It’s that easy.

Safe. Fast. Simple.

The way payments were meant to be made.

Start PAAYing Today

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