Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a fraud prevention protocol that was created by Visa and Mastercard to authenticate e-commerce transactions. The protocol sits on the merchant payment form between the payment page and the gateway verifying transactions in real time.

When does the authentication happen?

The authentication starts as soon as the customer finishes entering their credit card information on the merchant payment form prior to the customer hitting submit. If the transaction is authenticated the merchant will receive 3DS data that is then passed to the gateway and finally to the processor. There is no impact on the customer experience, everything happens on the backend. To Demo how this works, please visit our demo checkout page. As you enter your credit card information, you will see the authentication happen (Don't worry, your credit card won't be charged!)

What happens if my transaction doesn't get authenticated?

If the transaction is not authenticated, PAAY will close out the authentication request and the transaction will continue as normal. There will be no impact on the customer experience, however the liability shift will not occur.

What percentage of transactions are authenticated?

About 65% of transactions are authenticated and qualify for a liability shift. There are ways to optimize your payment page to increase the number of authenticated transactions. For more information on how to optimize your payment page please contact

Can I get chargeback protection on all cards?

No. Currently we only provide chargeback protection on Visa or MasterCard transactions. However, we are working on launching Discover and American Express. This is expected to happen in the next couple of months.

How does PAAY lower interchange rates?

3-D Secure qualifies transactions as "less risky" on a network level - enabling Visa and Mastercard to offer lower interchange rates on reward cards. Download our One Pager for a detailed explanation on how it works.

Which chargeback codes does 3DS protect from?

Download a complete list of chargeback codes covered by 3-D Secure here.

Does 3DS cause a pop-up to appear on the screen?

No, everything happens in the backend. There is no impact on the customer experience . Click here for a demo of the checkout process.

How can I start using 3DS on my website?

All you need is a customizable payment form and an account with PAAY. If you’re interested in trying out the solution, please contact and we’ll get you started with a risk free trial.

I have several MIDs. Do I need all of them?

No, we only need your primary MID.

Does 3-D Secure work with all types of merchants?

The solution works with all types of e-commerce merchants, except merchants with the following MCC codes: MCC 4829: Wire Transfer/Money Order. MCC 5967: Direct Marketing-Inbound Teleservices. MCC 6051: Non-Financial Institution-Foreign Currency, Money Order (not Wire Transfer), Travelers’ Cheques. MCC 7995: Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting and Wagers at Race Tracks

Does 3-D Secure work with Konnektive CRM?

Yes. Please check the logs in your Konnektive CRM account, you should find a CAVV, ECI and XID for each protected transaction, if you cannot see any of these values attached to the transaction it did not receive 3DS protection. If you are using another CRM please contact them directly to see if they accept 3-DS data.

Which banks support 3DS?

U.S. banks support 3-D Secure. If you are using an international bank please reach out to them to confirm that they support it as well.

Which processing platforms support 3DS?

The solution works with all processing platforms that have the pass through fields to capture 3D Secure data (ECI, CAVV, XID), and this is the case with almost all major processors. *Note: The only processing platform that we know does NOT have the fields for 3D Secure, is First Data's Omaha frontend platform. (The backend DOES accept 3D Secure). If you are using, 3D Secure authentication can only happen if you are on one of the following processing platforms: TSYS
Chase Paymentech
First Data's Nashville Platform
Global Payments

Which gateways support 3DS?* NMI Rebilly Verifi Inovio Pay Payeezy TranSafe JetPay Payflow USAePay PayCertify FluidPay Payway Bluefin * you need to enable 3D Secure (if you don't know how, reach out to and we will send you instructions). If your gateway is not listed, please reach out and ask them if they support 3D Secure data.

How does the implementation work?

PAAY offers a number of implementation options that accommodate a variety of needs. Choosing a method: SDK 2.0 i. Serverless:
The integration can be applied to any customizable checkout page. It will take a few minutes and can be done by anyone. ii. Serverside:
Coding experience is needed. You'll need access to your servers to generate your own token. Programing language specific. API i. Serverless:
This integration consists of 2 to 3 calls to the API. ii. Serverside:
This integration consists of 1 to 2 call to the API.

If 3DS was created by Visa & MC, why do I need PAAY?

Typically Visa & MC do not work directly with merchants or ISO's to make 3DS accesible; they rely on certified providers like PAAY to service the e-commerce market. In the US, there are only two certified providers of 3-D Secure, and PAAY is one of them.