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PAAY Announces Outstanding Results After

Launch of EMV 3DS Solution

Making Remote Commerce Secure for Merchants


New York, NY: PAAY today announced the official launch of EMV 3DS (also referred to as 3DS 2.1), an updated version of the original 3-D Secure protocol. PAAY’s EMV 3DS solution is optimized to meet current and future security needs of remote commerce merchants. The solution protects merchants from CNP fraud by authenticating transactions and shifting the liability for fraud off of merchant.


“We are thrilled to announce that some of our merchants are seeing authentication rates as high as 94% with our EMV 3DS solution” says Yitz Mendlowitz, CEO at PAAY. “In addition to this, our solution is completely frictionless and is simple to implement so merchants can get up and running in minutes. This is a game changer for our customers.”


Features and benefits of EMV 3DS include:


  • Merchants receive a chargeback liability shift on authenticated transactions

  • Does not affect the customer experience at checkout - It is completely frictionless

  • Integration is simple & secure - Designed to get merchants up & running in minutes

  • Optimized to work in all payment environments: Mobile, desktop, telephone orders, and protects recurring transactions for subscription merchants

  • Qualifies transactions (limited to reward cards) at lower interchange fees



About PAAY: PAAY is a technical associate with EMVCo and a certified provider of 3-D Secure. PAAY’s mission is to empower merchants to grow their remote commerce business by offering network level chargeback protection against friendly fraud.

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