✓ Increase authorizations

✓ Chargeback liability shift

✓ PSD2/SCA compliance

Consumer authentication made easy with EMV 3DS


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PAAY is a leading innovative consumer authentication service for merchants that is simple, secure and easy to implement. PAAY’s EMV 3DS solutions empower remote commerce merchants to grow their business securely by increasing authorization rates and eliminating friendly fraud while meeting network security and compliance needs. PAAY’s mission is to give merchants choice and control of their destiny.



PAAY's EMV 3DS solution utilizes risk based authentication and is completely frictionless. Everything happens in the background unseen by the cardholder. PAAY provides merchants protection against friendly fraud with no pop ups, and no lag time.


By 2021 the EU's Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will require merchants to implement strong customer authentication (SCA). PAAY's EMV 3DS solution provides merchants PSD2 compliance via SCA. PAAYs PSD2 solution verifies cardholders with two of the three verification elements: knowledge (something the user knows), possession (something the user has), and inherence (something the user is.)





Authorization rates drop from 98% for in person transactions to 84% for online purchases; however Visa and MC report up to 10% increase in auth rates with EMV 3DS.

Say goodbye to disputes. Authenticated transactions receive a chargeback liability shift and go straight to the issuer. PAAY authenticates over 90% of transactions. 

By 2021, the EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will require merchants to implement strong customer authentication. PAAY makes PSD2 compliance simple.

JavaScript SDK makes integration simple

Receive full API access


Quickly & easily login to monitor transactions

Dedicated account manager & customer support

How it works

PAAY makes it simple for merchants to receive all the benefits of 3-D Secure without the shortcomings that typically come along with it. Unlike traditional fraud prevention tools or chargeback mitigation companies, PAAY 's solution provides merchants with a liability shift against fraudulent chargebacks. This means there are no disputes - the chargeback does not hit the merchant account. 

Our software solution sits on the merchant payment form and allows the acquiring bank (merchant’s bank) to verify with the issuing bank (cardholder’s bank) that a cardholder is in fact who they say they are. This is done before the transaction is sent through for processing via a security check utilizing risk based authentication. 

To make getting started easy, we have built a Javascript SDK for 3DS 1.0 & 3DS 2.1. Currently, our solution functions as a hybrid and will trigger the appropriate version of the protocol. Factors that determine the version include the issuing bank, gateway, and processor involved in the transaction. 



PAAY sits between the shopping cart and the gateway; authenticating transactions in real time with absolutely no lag. Distinct from fraud prevention tools, PAAY does not decline suspicious transactions. All transactions go through as normal. Everything happens in the background with no impact on the customer experience.

Cardholder visits e-commerce site and decides to make a purchase, entering credit card info.

Authentication happens in the background between the payment page and the gateway while the cardholder completes checkout.

Transaction and authentication are complete and sent to processing.

"I think most ISO's today focus on the SMB space and PAAY does a great job at supporting these merchants"

- Chelsie Cooper, ETA 40 Under 40 Payment Veteran 

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