PAAY, in a nutshell.

PAAY is a fraud protection tool that sits between the shopping cart and the gateway. It verifies transactions via 3D Secure; the only authentication program backed by the card brands.

3D Secure, redefined.

PAAY’s software integration with Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code risk based authentication allows merchants to benefit from the 3D Secure program, without impacting cart abandonment.

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Authentication for any cart.

Integrate PAAY’s 3D Secure authentication with your checkout flow, even if we don’t have a plugin that works with your cart. Get the right tool that works best with your platform.

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Fraud protection for merchants.

Liability shift to card issuers for online fraud. PAAY’s authentication solution gives chargeback protection to e-commerce merchants, even if fraud occurs.

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Lower interchange rates for processors.

3D Secure authentication of transactions qualifies them at a lower rate. Decrease your merchants’ rates and open up new profit margins for your e-commerce portfolio.

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Are you a merchant?

Our software works and can be integrated with your shopping cart, no matter what that is, in no time. Give your customers the same simple, fast and smooth checkout experience, while you still get all the benefits of 3D Secure. Stop worrying about online fraud and chargebacks starting today.

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Are you an ISO?

You’ve prepared your offline accounts for EMV; now it’s time to focus on your online accounts. Maximize your profits and strengthen your relationship with your merchants by offering them a sticky product that will help guard their e-commerce business from CNP fraud and costly chargebacks.

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Browse our products!

PAAY’s authentication software comes in all sorts of products, to fit all e-commerce merchants. Whether looking for a backend solution or our authentication solution coupled with a checkout form, we have the answer. Browse through our products to see what works best with your needs!

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