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Because no fraud is friendly

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Future Proof Your Payments

Chargeback protection - Increase Authorizations - Comply with PSD2/SCA

Reseller Program

Learn more about our reseller program and how you can activate a new revenue stream by providing e-commerce merchants with 3-D Secure. 

Video Tutorial: How to Integrate 3-DS

Integrating 3-D Secure has never been easier. Merchants can now get up and running in under 5 minutes!

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Liability Shift

Which reason codes are protected? Which are not? Download our one pager to find out.

Demo Checkout Page

Use your credit card (you won't be charged) to see how 3-D Secure works in real time on a demo checkout page. 

How It Works

PAAY sits between the shopping cart and the gateway; authenticating transactions in real time with absolutely no lag. 

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Hosted by Yitz Mendlowitz, CEO @ PAAY and Adam Gluck, CTO @ PAAY.


Serverless Integration

PAAY's new serverless integration allows merchants to implement 3DS in a matter of minutes. 

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Reseller Handbook

Updated product and program guide for 2019.

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